Friday, March 27, 2009

My new companion

Currently I am enjoying the companionship of a new fish friend of mine. He has no name. Its very small. But I called him '
fishy' or sometimes "ikan tu" (that fish). He kinda look like a male fish so I wanna refer him as a 'he' (LOL). He seemed dizzy or so after being transported over to JB on a bus cos I bought him in Kuantan when I was home last week. Poor fishy. I am so guilty for making him feel dizzy from the 6 hours trip to here. But anyway, to get over the sorry feeling, I bought him a house today. Just hope that he would have fun swimming around with the toy.

So its been very long time since I have updated the blog. I have been busy with work, not until next week, though. We will be having the 'big day' next Friday. So, everyone is getting fried up until next week trying to complete everything. Tough luck.

Anyway, I was sick last 2 weeks, I think. It was high fever, never felt so helpless before, I had to call up a friend to bring me to the clinic. I was warded for half the day, being probed by needles and all. They said it could be dengue or something. It was suspicious. So, after my recovery a few days later, I had to go back and forth the UTM clinic to do blood test. Been doing blood tests everyday for a week when the results came out bad, the doc said my platelets count kept decreasing so I was worried. So does everyone who concerned. About a few days later, when the PLT count is nearly 90, I felt like going home, just in case I would have to be warded for dengue or chikugunya or something. But fortunately, Alhamdulillah, its gone back up to normal. I was worrying about getting more sick when the results came out. Its just that I don't wanna be a burden to anyone, thats all.

My platelets were
homesick, I guess.