Sunday, July 12, 2009

New post

I was clicking on the 'new post' button today, when I realised there is not much to do today, except for waiting for my studio to start. It is already mid of July, and since I left home last week, it feels so empty here. I extremely hate the fact that I left all my books at home in Kuantan (forgetting to bring them back to JB cos I was so busy with the wedding and stuff) and not being able to get myself back in Kuantan for yet another 2 weeks or so. The studio works started last Friday so I have been meaning to get myself back into the mood for work.

Part two: Living here in Skudai makes me fatter. Its because of the good Javanese food you can find anywhere anytime in town.

I gotta go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

this is where i am having my internship (practically working) currently.
my office gives the impression of an art gallery at the ground floor, and at the mezzanine level is where we work on the architectural projects.
i quite like environment, sorta like a studio style. currently, my place is at the middle discussion table, where my boss would sit most of his time while he is in, and sometimes get so messed up with piles of books and papers.

there are these few people in ZJA: the boss and his wife, en. bad and kak alin, kak edzan, kak hani and tom. and there are 3 other interns doing practical as well.

so far, i am loving the place and the working experience. except for the hazardous staircase design (just in case i got so dosed off from the flu pills)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Meet Mr Meatball from the movie Anger Management.
So adorably fat!!! He is making me miss Fluffy more! *P/s: Excuse my inability to arrange the pictures and text properly. Hee :P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For the past few weeks, nothing much happened except for me getting my lazybehind from Kuantan to JB, and from JB to Kuantan, back and forth for almost every weekend. Besides Aizat, home is what makes me full, yeap, I am always craving for home, and the feeling of homeliness. Just look at this cubicle for example, its that close to getting very homely, with the carpets on, and dimmed lights on, and of course, my fishy tank. The fact is, nothing beats being home in Kuantan. I know I've wrote this stuff in my previous blog and it kinda sounds annoying and all, but the truth is... I'M FRIGGIN BORED NOW!! Had my studio works done last night, and overdosed from sleep, and now I am here in the studio again, and I just can't wait to come and see Aizat in KL! Also, very looking forward to my intership with DZJ Associates this semester break. Lucky me, I am gonna be able to stay home during semester break at the same time doing my practical training. I have never work with anyone officially before, so I guess this would be the first time I ever had a real boss. I mean, the only boss I've ever known of is Wanda, she's the house cat. She is indeed very bossy. Especially when it comes to her obligatory needs for daily cuddles, and we the people in the house just cannot resist those cute little eyes of hers waiting for us to fulfill her needs. Wish I could be as bossy and satisfied as her. Damn you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My new companion

Currently I am enjoying the companionship of a new fish friend of mine. He has no name. Its very small. But I called him '
fishy' or sometimes "ikan tu" (that fish). He kinda look like a male fish so I wanna refer him as a 'he' (LOL). He seemed dizzy or so after being transported over to JB on a bus cos I bought him in Kuantan when I was home last week. Poor fishy. I am so guilty for making him feel dizzy from the 6 hours trip to here. But anyway, to get over the sorry feeling, I bought him a house today. Just hope that he would have fun swimming around with the toy.

So its been very long time since I have updated the blog. I have been busy with work, not until next week, though. We will be having the 'big day' next Friday. So, everyone is getting fried up until next week trying to complete everything. Tough luck.

Anyway, I was sick last 2 weeks, I think. It was high fever, never felt so helpless before, I had to call up a friend to bring me to the clinic. I was warded for half the day, being probed by needles and all. They said it could be dengue or something. It was suspicious. So, after my recovery a few days later, I had to go back and forth the UTM clinic to do blood test. Been doing blood tests everyday for a week when the results came out bad, the doc said my platelets count kept decreasing so I was worried. So does everyone who concerned. About a few days later, when the PLT count is nearly 90, I felt like going home, just in case I would have to be warded for dengue or chikugunya or something. But fortunately, Alhamdulillah, its gone back up to normal. I was worrying about getting more sick when the results came out. Its just that I don't wanna be a burden to anyone, thats all.

My platelets were
homesick, I guess.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Since the day I was born..
Sometimes I kind of slipped bad words out without any intention of hurting anyone,
like in a joke or something.

Sorry for being careless.
Sorry for being ignorance.
Sorry for being harsh.
Sorry I didn't mean anything like it.

This is just something I had to write out.. at least the guilty part is over.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I have been living in the studio environment since 2005.
Let's see if I could find the old photos of my previous workstation.

Photo 1: my very first architecture workstation. Still loving the green backing sheet. Nowadays we don't use drafting tables anymore.

Photo 2: this is my table during 2nd year in diploma program. very, very messy, i know.

Photo 3: my 3rd year table.

Photo 4: this is my 2nd workstation during 3rd year diploma, I did most of my homework at home in Setiawangsa.

Photo 5: it is bachelor of architecture now. So this is my first cubicle in UTM JB, sharing with Meen and Nadz, but most of the time I got the whole cubicle to myself.

Photo 6: Finally, this is my current workplace.

Loving it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It was just a frigging dream

Usually I would just talk to myself in the mirror or when I am alone in the car or something.

Today I was late for class.
I darn slept/accidentally slept this afternoon only to wake up to find that it was 8pm already!
So I jumped out of bed to the frigging toilet, rushed to my frigging car to get to the frigging English class.

I kind of could not totally focus in class just now.
Something was being playing over and over again inside my mind and its very disturbing.
It was something about what I have dreamed just now.
Was it really just gonna be a dream?
So I kind of tried to stop pondering about it for the second time.
I failed.
It was so strange.
Was it really a happy dream? or a horrifying one?
I could say it was both a happy and horrifying as well.
I don't know what I should do.
Matter of fact, I should not be saying all these things at the first place.
But nobody knows about it but myself,
Maybe I should just keep it that way
I am in a happy state right now.
It was just a dream..
It was just a frigging dream..
... but some part of me want it to happen
.. some.. I suppose..
I cannot blame myself for keeping on thinking bout it, no matter how hard I try to resist it.
I am being fair to myself.
I don't know..
Maybe it was just a dream.
just a frigging dream...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It was my first time seeing God's astrological signs of Greatness. It was a pink comet flying across the sky at 3 am when I was on my way back to my room from the studio. I thought I was already dreaming, but I had my hands firmly gripped on my steering wheel to quickly grab my cellphone and called a friend because I was so excited too have seen such a thing.

The other day when I was in Kuantan having my mid-term break, I had a chance of taking photographs of an eclipse. It happened at 530pm and lasted for one hour, or so. It was not that long, day started to gloom as the moon moves slowly before the sun blocking the rays reaching the Earth. It was indeed, another spectacular moment, only this time I managed to capture it.

Seeing is believing.
Witnessing those signs, my soul gets so much closer to the Creator.
Subhan Allah.

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