Thursday, April 16, 2009


Meet Mr Meatball from the movie Anger Management.
So adorably fat!!! He is making me miss Fluffy more! *P/s: Excuse my inability to arrange the pictures and text properly. Hee :P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For the past few weeks, nothing much happened except for me getting my lazybehind from Kuantan to JB, and from JB to Kuantan, back and forth for almost every weekend. Besides Aizat, home is what makes me full, yeap, I am always craving for home, and the feeling of homeliness. Just look at this cubicle for example, its that close to getting very homely, with the carpets on, and dimmed lights on, and of course, my fishy tank. The fact is, nothing beats being home in Kuantan. I know I've wrote this stuff in my previous blog and it kinda sounds annoying and all, but the truth is... I'M FRIGGIN BORED NOW!! Had my studio works done last night, and overdosed from sleep, and now I am here in the studio again, and I just can't wait to come and see Aizat in KL! Also, very looking forward to my intership with DZJ Associates this semester break. Lucky me, I am gonna be able to stay home during semester break at the same time doing my practical training. I have never work with anyone officially before, so I guess this would be the first time I ever had a real boss. I mean, the only boss I've ever known of is Wanda, she's the house cat. She is indeed very bossy. Especially when it comes to her obligatory needs for daily cuddles, and we the people in the house just cannot resist those cute little eyes of hers waiting for us to fulfill her needs. Wish I could be as bossy and satisfied as her. Damn you.