Wednesday, May 20, 2009

this is where i am having my internship (practically working) currently.
my office gives the impression of an art gallery at the ground floor, and at the mezzanine level is where we work on the architectural projects.
i quite like environment, sorta like a studio style. currently, my place is at the middle discussion table, where my boss would sit most of his time while he is in, and sometimes get so messed up with piles of books and papers.

there are these few people in ZJA: the boss and his wife, en. bad and kak alin, kak edzan, kak hani and tom. and there are 3 other interns doing practical as well.

so far, i am loving the place and the working experience. except for the hazardous staircase design (just in case i got so dosed off from the flu pills)