Monday, February 9, 2009


Since the day I was born..
Sometimes I kind of slipped bad words out without any intention of hurting anyone,
like in a joke or something.

Sorry for being careless.
Sorry for being ignorance.
Sorry for being harsh.
Sorry I didn't mean anything like it.

This is just something I had to write out.. at least the guilty part is over.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I have been living in the studio environment since 2005.
Let's see if I could find the old photos of my previous workstation.

Photo 1: my very first architecture workstation. Still loving the green backing sheet. Nowadays we don't use drafting tables anymore.

Photo 2: this is my table during 2nd year in diploma program. very, very messy, i know.

Photo 3: my 3rd year table.

Photo 4: this is my 2nd workstation during 3rd year diploma, I did most of my homework at home in Setiawangsa.

Photo 5: it is bachelor of architecture now. So this is my first cubicle in UTM JB, sharing with Meen and Nadz, but most of the time I got the whole cubicle to myself.

Photo 6: Finally, this is my current workplace.

Loving it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It was just a frigging dream

Usually I would just talk to myself in the mirror or when I am alone in the car or something.

Today I was late for class.
I darn slept/accidentally slept this afternoon only to wake up to find that it was 8pm already!
So I jumped out of bed to the frigging toilet, rushed to my frigging car to get to the frigging English class.

I kind of could not totally focus in class just now.
Something was being playing over and over again inside my mind and its very disturbing.
It was something about what I have dreamed just now.
Was it really just gonna be a dream?
So I kind of tried to stop pondering about it for the second time.
I failed.
It was so strange.
Was it really a happy dream? or a horrifying one?
I could say it was both a happy and horrifying as well.
I don't know what I should do.
Matter of fact, I should not be saying all these things at the first place.
But nobody knows about it but myself,
Maybe I should just keep it that way
I am in a happy state right now.
It was just a dream..
It was just a frigging dream..
... but some part of me want it to happen
.. some.. I suppose..
I cannot blame myself for keeping on thinking bout it, no matter how hard I try to resist it.
I am being fair to myself.
I don't know..
Maybe it was just a dream.
just a frigging dream...